Roundup: New Hampshire Limo Edition

Trump: “Deadly serious” about running. [CNN]

Trump: “I am so proud of myself. I got this guy to release his birth certificate. I’m really, really happy.” [NYT]

Trump: Obama’s playing the race card. [Union Leader]

Trump: Not in a hurry to fulfill birth-certificate-for-tax-return pledge. [ABC]

Birthing: Obama overstated the controversy. [Poynter]

Birthing: A catalogue of mixed reactions. [NYT]

Birthing: Obamas talk to Oprah. [CBS]

Concern: But how is the First Lady getting home? [Greta van Susteren]

Obama Sr.: Andrew Rice looks at why he left Harvard. [Capital NY]

2012: Huckabee still mulling it over. [Politico]

2016: Floating Kirsten Gillibrand. [David Mixner]

Gillibrand: Joining Obama tonight in New York City. [Twitter]

Insurance: Nan Hayworth keeps her private plan. [CapTon]

School Closures: Walcott tries to reassure the displaced. [City Room]

Albany: A gay marriage scorecard. [Gay City News]

Albany: Cuomo meeting inspires lots of superlatives. [City Room]

Albany: Cuomo has a “most aggressive” position on rent regulations. [Daily Politics]

Gowanus: Polluters might have a vote on canal’s cleanup. [Patch]

  Roundup: New Hampshire Limo Edition