Roundup: NY Picks Up Government Money, Quinn Picks Up Votes

Same-Sex Marriage: Christine Quinn said at least one prior No vote will be a Yes vote. [Julie Bolcer]

Federal Money: “New Yorkers get more government aid per person from social programs than residents of any other state, a USA TODAY analysis finds.” [Dennis Cauchon]

Federal Money: Accompanying chart. [USA Today]

Trump: “A new bar has been set pretty low” says Chris Matthews. [Hardball]

Birther: “Poll reveals only 38% of Americans believe Obama was born in U.S. (but it isn’t much higher for Trump).” [Daily Mail Reporter]

Bank Regulations: After Odato noted NY’s safeguards are temporary, Cuomo makes them permanent. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Bank Regulations: Cuomo’s move is “Hevesi-inspired.” [Nick Reisman]

Housing Regulations: New push to improve “deplorable” living conditions in the Bronx. [AP]

Mystery Candidate: A Cuomo Democrat unloads thousands into exploratory committee; office undetermined. [Celeste Katz]

Special Treatment: NYPD escorts P. Diddy through traffic. [NBC New York]

Print News: Harry Siegel hired by Village Voice as new metro columnist. [Joe Pompeo]

TV News: Print journos notice the cutbacks in foreign TV bureaus while over-covering the royal wedding. [Kyle Pope, Nick Confessore, Eleanor Randolph]

Archives: Old photos from Westchester, now online! [Joe Spector]

Pics: Bloomberg uses a banner. [Spencer Tucker]

Roundup: NY Picks Up Government Money, Quinn Picks Up Votes