Roundup: Obama and Sharpton

Calendar: “Michael Bloomberg’s 12-year tenure as mayor ends in exactly 1,000 days.”

2012: Sharpton, asset or liability? [Ron Scherer]

2012: Sharpton is ” ‘the president’ of black America,” says Dominic Carter. [Politico]

2012: Obama creates traffic for New Yorkers. [AP]

Education Money: Cuomo warns of “propaganda,” and says teacher layoffs not need. Spokesman says he’s not referring to Bloomberg. [Glenn Blain]

Budget: Again, a report worth reading. [Michael Herzenberg]

Cuomo’s Agenda: “Cuomo said the tax cap, along with an ethics bill and an extension of rent regulations are priorities for the rest of the year.” [Nick Reisman]

Profiling: “Michael Bloomberg? ‘Delightfully imperious,'” says New Yorker’s Tad Friend. [Benjamin Wallace]

Snow Plans: Council amends recommendations, Bloomberg on board. [Celeste Katz]

Transportation: Diaz introduces a bill that helps, among others, Diaz. [Kate Hinds]

Photos: Ax, Charlie King, Beth Fouhy

Roundup: Obama and Sharpton