Roundup: ‘Passion Deficit’

Council Member Barron Holds Press Conference on 7 Year Old Handcuffed at School. (Photo credit: William Alatriste)

2012: How to use Obama’s new site. [Youtube]

Birther Responsibility: The media. [Brian Stelter]

Trump Reaction: “And that show is merely a showcase for the dishonor you have brought among anyone who would call themselves an American.” [Baratunde Thurston]

Trump: “Aspiring to be the new Joe McCarthy…Trump has no evidence.” [Bob Woodward]

Trump: Contradictory explanations about getting out of military service. [Ben Smith]

Trump: “The issue has clearly propelled his potential candidacy.” [Roger Stone]

Trump: “Clinton was made into a racist by Obama” and “There is nobody who’s less of a racist than me,” he tells a NH journo. [John Distaso]

Trump: Maggie Haberman says GOP insiders in NH not won over. [Fred Dicker]

Headline: “Trump to Back Journalist: I Know You’re A Big Obama Fan.” [Think Progress]

Birth Certificate: Obama losing the “passion deficit” to Trump, says a local Fox host. [Dick Brennan]

Handcuffing Students: The Barrons oppose it. [Annmarie Hordern]

Tumblr: How to, for news organizations. [Sarah Marshall] Roundup: ‘Passion Deficit’