Roundup: Stakeholders in Washington

Mug Shots: Alan Hevesi. [Diego Ribadeneira]

Immigration: Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg, Bratton meet Obama. [Michael Memoli]

Immigration: They are “stakeholders” says the White House. [David Jackson]

Birther Documents: Spitzer engages Trump. [CNN]

NY26: Hochul spent $51,000; Crowin spent $600,000; Davis spent $1.47 million. [Jerry Zremeski] 

Investments: Schneiderman put his money in a musical. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Judges: Scrutinizing a Schumer judge. [Mike Masnick]

Deregulated: State Health officials revoke their one-day old regulation about dodge ball and other games. [Nick Reisman]

Real Estate: Hakeem Jeffries wants to regulate neighborhood names. [Christine Haughney]

Media: Rahm, stonewalling local press, says local press. [Andrew Gauthier]

Photos: Biden meets Thabo Mbeki. [Flickr]

Photos: Bloomberg and Vito Lopez. [Flickr]

Humor: Albany’s LCA show is May 7. “Fist full of Cuomos.” [Celeste Katz]

Roundup: Stakeholders in Washington