Roundup: Sweetening Pensions, Counting Homeless

Executive Pay: New York tops the list. []

Police Scandal: “Police Headquarters and City Hall, where officials are preparing for a police scandal the likes of which the city has not felt in decades.” [Murray Weiss]

2012: Trump “is making a fundamental miscalculation about what we can get away with.” Critics wonder “has all [this] gone from being a cynical branding exercise to something a little darker and scarier?” [Josh Benson]

2012: Trump’s birthe strategy angers a conservative. [WNYC]

Taxes: Paterson says they should go up, in Washington. [Anna Sale]

Same-Sex Marriage: Support rising, says Ellner. [Windy City]

Bloomberg’s Third Term: Good news includes extension of No. 7 subway, technology sector and the economy. [Erik Engquist]

Pension Costs: 55 bills introduced to raise pension benefits. [Glenn Blain]

Pension Costs: Larry Littlefield doesn’t like how the issue is covered. [Room 8]

Redistricting: it helps Democrats, says Sampson. [Nick Reisman]

Homeless NYC: 8 percent uptick in people in homeless shelter. Advocate numbers: 113,553 people, including 42,888 children. [CBS]

Matzah Connoisseur: John Liu. [Youtube]

Negative Ads: Students randomly aim at Cuomo. [loveski19]

Photos: Margaret Chin, Scott Stringer and others open a local baseball league in Manhattan.

  Roundup: Sweetening Pensions, Counting Homeless