RSVP needed for Grimm’s Town Hall

A woman who was not permitted to enter Rep. Grimm’s town hall meeting on Staten Island last night said organizers told her the reason was because she “hadn’t been screened, for security” and “were invoking images of [Rep. Gabby] Giffords, the woman that was shot, and 9/11.”

The woman, Terry McLeod, made the allegations in a video sent to me by a political operative actively opposing Grimm. (I left a voice message for McLeod and have not heard back.)

A spokeswoman for Grimm denied McLeod’s claims, saying the 350-person capacity for the event space had been reached.

“Anyone who RSVPed was admitted – Republicans and Democrats alike,” wrote Grimm’s spokeswoman, Carol Danko. “Staff only turned people away for failure to be on the list.”

“Had [McLeod] rsvped, she would have been admitted,” said Danko. RSVP needed for Grimm’s Town Hall