Rumors & Acquisitions: Eight-Inch Combat Knives

Slow news day, wasn’t it, old boys? Sike! It was a great news day! You’ll find out why later. In the meantime, here are some snacks:

Weapons of mass construction. Has Etsy CEO Rob Kalin been prowling his own site under the handle eightinchcombatknife? Mr. Kalin was the subject of an Inc. profile this week that some read as devastating but Fred Wilson read as laudatory. In it, Mr. Kalin menaces the reporter with a knife: “‘I speak to people in the business world and the technology world, but I don’t admire them,’ he says, pointing an 8-inch combat knife at me for emphasis. ‘I admire the makers of the world.'” On the story, one commenter wrote: “Interesting read and kudos to Rob Kalin for championing the etsy artisan but why was he on etsy last night circling people/shops with the username eightinchcombatknife. I uncircled him. Kinda creeped out!! She asked the same question in the Etsy forums, but Etsy quickly shut down the thread for “calling out.” Eightinchcombatknife, which used Mr. Kalin’s picture as its avatar, has disappeared. Is it possible that the user was not Mr. Kalin himself but in fact someone who registered the name and used Mr. Kalin’s picture? Another anonymous commenter and the alarmed Etsyist are skeptical. “I’m here to sell pillows; not play creepy games,” he or she wrote.

We toldja so. A source confirms what we rumormongered last week about Tutorspree, A MARKETPLACE FOR QUALITY TUTORING. The recent Y-Combintor grad is, indeed, coming back home. “After taking stock of valley vs. the alley, the boys decided that NYC is the best place for them to build their company,” source says. Call us!

Shh. Tumblr’s Topherchris blogged about his secret Tumblr. Scary thoughts: Topherchris, David Karp and company know about everyone’s secret Tumblrs.

Parting shots, blind! Which AOL blog editor had to ask his own writers whether they’d been fired by the company that day?

More money, more problems. We heard murmur that Spinback is raising a round, Klickable got an offer or two, and a start-up in General Assembly just signed a deal for big money.

The great outdoors. Hacker Brandon Diamond went outside for a second.

Self-deprecating situations. Queen bee Alice Walker Wright over at the famous Get Off My Internets, the blog dedicated to trolling the nanocelebrities who work in social media and start-ups in New York, has a heart! She’s asking for donations from readers to help other readers. Apparently a great many don’t have jobs. (Surprised?) “You folks have been great in the past about helping out a fellow reader (and me) during a period of unemployment, so I’m going to propose something. Feel free to tell me this is a stupid idea.”

Meat. Where do those dollars from TechStars go? Bacon, apparently. Rumors & Acquisitions: Eight-Inch Combat Knives