Rumors & Acquisitions: Spring Investation

MEGARUMOR: It’s gorgeous outside!

This week’s Friday rumorfest is keeping in step with spring. Investors are sprouting up like tulips! It’s an investor invasion! On with the visiting dignitaries, angels, early-stage and growth VCs:

WE NEED A VERY OPEN OFFICE. We perked up when we saw this email on the New York Tech Meetup list, titled “Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund seeking large office near Times Square/Penn Station.” Near Betabeat, you mean?! “Size: Approximately 5,000 square feet. Location: Must be walking distance from Times Square/Penn Station. Setup: we need a very open office, with glass walls and the ability to host numerous outside events for entrepreneurs and investors. We also need fridge, microwave, bathrooms, etc. in our vicinity. Strongly prefer to share a building with other companies in the NY startup community.” Yeah, you must be new here. Are there any early-stage start-ups in the middle of Midtown? The VCs also want to pay $30/square foot–cheap for the area, which averages around $40 asking, but doable according to The New York Observer’s ace real estate desk.

Betabeat called up David Teten, chairman of the Harvard Business School Angels, who reposted the listing to the Meetup. Mr. Teten said he is working with a VC group that’s moving to town, but any other details are “premature” because no lease has been signed. The group is looking for a two to five year lease, and is flexible about when they’d move in “but prefer as soon as possible.” Know more? Tip us!

A THIRD CATALYST. We heard a rumor that Boston-based, Palo Alto-branched early-stage and growth fund General Catalyst will have a partner in New York soon, where portfolio companies including Hunch, GroupMe, thingd, Boxee and Nodejitsu are based. The firm did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

ANGELS IN OUR MIDSTS. Furthermore, an anonymous West Coast angel will be making the rounds next week. “NYC startup friends. an awesome west coast angel is visiting next week. Ping me if you want me to set you up with office hours,” New York expat Sam Rosen wrote on the Twttrs. We hear said angel will be hanging around General Assembly (obvs) and he is not Dave McClure (sadface). Betabeat field trip!

Rumors & Acquisitions: Spring Investation