Rumors & Acquisitions: And What Was With Today, Today

Ugh, this day. Maybe it was the Amazon Web Services outage? Or exhaustion from all that Internet Week panel campaigning? “Today suckckckckcks,” one Betabeat staffer said. But the rumor roundup must post. On to it:

500 DISSES: Remember how Dave McClure’s 500 Startups accelerator was going to have a demo day in New York? And it was supposed to be at General Assembly in mid-April? We heard a rumor that Mr. McClure had nxed it so we txted him. Turns out the 500-strong don’t need New York’s money. “To be honest, most of our start-ups already got funding,” Mr. McClure (or whoever does his texting) wrote back. “We decided to hold off coming to NYC until later this year.”

BLIND ACCELERATION: We hear Tawheed Kader, or T.K., creator of fancy email marketing app Tout and master of the Google search results for the word, is going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali.  “I hear Tout might be spending the summer in California,” a source told Betabeat. “My guess would be that it must have something to do with an accelerator program that runs through the summer.” Tout is already pulling in cash from paying customers, but Mr. Kader is currently raising a $500,000 seed round. “It’s an interesting move considering they just switched from a one-man show… to getting their CTO and close to getting their community manager,” the source said. So who’s the lucky start-up hatchery? All we know is, T.K. is not headed for YC.

ANNALS OF ANALOG: Donald Trump has an assistant who prints out the internet for him, and then scans it back in.

WE HAD A HUNCH: Betabeat featured Hunch’s new social recommendations feed for Buy Local today, which inspired someone to send us a list of official Hunch accounts for TV shows, websites and companies, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: America’s Test KitchenEater, Californication, Grooveshark,, Weeds, Smule, Showtime and Shameless, Stylecaster and Threadless, most of which haven’t recommended anything yet.

FUN FACT. There are now more than 65,000 FuckYeah Tumblrs.
Rumors & Acquisitions: And What Was With Today, Today