Schumer Refuses to Trash-Talk Trump

Chuck Schumer commented — or rather, declined to comment — today on Donald Trump’s possible presidential bid. Evidently, the senator believes in solidarity between New Yorkers.

“Donald’s from Brooklyn,” Schumer explained. (But wait, isn’t he from Queens?)

“I used to see his father driving the Cadillac that said ‘FT’ down Ocean Parkway when I was playing on the street,” Schumer reminisced. (Trump’s father was named Fred Christ Trump.) “So I’m not going to be critical of Donald Trump. All I say is, as a Democrat, the more Republicans in the primary, the merrier.”

Of course, Trump has also donated money to Schumer’s campaigns over the years. When asked if he thought that Trump would run, the senator kept mum.

“You’ll have to ask him,” he said.

  Schumer Refuses to Trash-Talk Trump