Schumer, Weiner and Adams Party with Brooklyn Democrats [Video]

Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats‘s annual fund-raising dinner drew Senator Schumer, Rep. Anthony Weiner, State Senator Eric Adams and others.

Some highlights:

An unintentionally funny moment, during Chuck Schumer’s remarks. After acknowledging some guests in the audience, he said, “I think I’m the third longest member – third longest?” and then corrected himself. “Third-longest serving member.”

He went on to say, “CBID has been a great voice of conscious conscience for a very long time.”


Rep. Weiner told the crowd “We should, in some degree, embrace this fight. This is an opportunity for us to explain to a whole generation of Americans some things that maybe they took for granted. This is an opportunity to decide once again how we define ourselves as Democrats and what makes us Democrats and not Republicans. We should embrace this fight, bring it on, and lean into it.”


“Nothing troubles me more,” said State Senator Eric Adams, “than we passed the budget in Albany without getting the millionaire’s tax. That should not have happened.”

Schumer, Weiner and Adams Party with Brooklyn Democrats [Video]