Sens. Sean Kean, Beck to submit resolution honoring New Jerseyans killed fighting nazism

TRENTON – With a neo-Nazi group scheduled to hold a rally Saturday at the N.J. World War II Memorial, two Republican senators said Thursday they will introduce a resolution to honor members of the military killed in the line of duty while fighting Nazism in World War II.

Sens. Sean Kean (R-11), Monmouth, and Jennifer Beck (R-12), Monmouth/Middlesex, said in a joint release that they will lead the Republican caucus in submitting the resolution.

“New Jersey’s World War II Memorial was dedicated in 2008 to honor the sacrifices of those who fought fascism overseas to preserve our freedoms at home,” said Kean in a release. “Their memory is being desecrated by a fringe group of morally repugnant individuals who are exploiting the very Constitutional rights for which those service members fought and died. This resolution will defend the honor of our fallen in the face of those who would disrespect their memory with bigotry and hate.”

The rally planned by an organization called the National Socialist Group comes nearly 66 years to the day after the liberation of numerous Nazi concentration camps by American soldiers. Yom Hashoah, the official Holocaust Remembrance Day that commemorates the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, is May 2.

“The timing of this couldn’t be any more offensive,” Beck said of the Nazi rally.

New Jersey lost 30,000 residents in World War II.

New Jersey’s World War II Memorial particularly honors nine New Jerseyans who received the Congressional Medal of Honor fighting the Nazis, including six service members who were killed in action.

Bayonne’s Nicholas Oresko, now of Cresskill, is the nation’s oldest living recipient of the Medal of Honor, earned for heroic actions at Tettingen, Germany on Jan. 23, 1945.

“Though the law protects the right to free speech and assembly which this group so clearly takes for granted, that does not mean they are welcome in Trenton or anywhere else in New Jersey,” Beck stated. “While this group of bigots attempts to resurrect a twisted set of beliefs long ago rejected by history, we in the Legislature will pay tribute to the memory of those who represent the best of America- our service men and women.” Sens. Sean Kean, Beck to submit resolution honoring New Jerseyans killed fighting nazism