Start-Up News: Kickstarter, Not Kickstarter, and Two More %$^&ing Hackathons

Here’s your week in New York start-ups:

TELL ME A STORY… ABOUT THAT BAGEL SHOP: Broadcastr, the location-based storytelling social network from Brooklyn-based Electric Literature, drops its Android app at long last today. You can now stream nearby stories as you walk through the city using GeoPlay–and New York is possibly the only city where the number of stories is dense enough to do that, so take advantage.

THE OTHER CROWD-SOURCED FUNDING NETWORK: A platform for crowdfunding which is not Kickstarter and which is not based in New York has partnered with President Barack Obama’s Startup America project. “As part of the Partnership, IndieGoGo has agreed to offer Startup America Partnership member companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise $30 million of funding at a 50 percent discount on campaign fees. IndieGoGo will also feature Startup America campaigns on a newly created Startup America Partner Page and provide resources on crowdfunding techniques.”

SPEAKING OF KICKSTARTER, THOUGH: They’re hiring for a customer service representative to talk to backers, creators and other community members about their issues. “Short of someone crowdsourcing a buyout of Kickstarter, these guys are in it for the long haul and looking for an outstanding addition to the team,” writes Graham Siener in the NYC Startup Digest Jobs newsletter. So you’re saying, Mr. Siener, that Kickstarter won’t be outsourcing its customer service to Bangalore anytime soon, or just that the company isn’t planning on imploding? Anyway, that job sounds megasweet.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: One of New York’s most hackerish start-ups, 10gen, is matching donations to the HackNY hacker internship program’s Kickstarter project for the next seven days.

WINGED HACKATHON: RedBull is sponsoring a hackathon this summer. “From July 7 – 10, 2011, a soon-to-be-disclosed location in NYC will be turned into the ultimate hackerspace and serve as the laboratory for Red Bull Creation. For 72 hours, you’ll be thrown  smack into the middle of a marathon of high stakes innovation… On the final day, the event culminates in a live exhibition and show for all of New York to see. One catch: you won’t know the build topic until the first tick of those 72 hours. You want a shot at the glory? You’ve got to qualify first at”

EDTECH HACKATHON: There is one this weekend: Hackthink, an “ideating and hacking competition to reimagine tech and education,” at Pivotal Labs, sponsored in part by Shapeways. Start-Up News: Kickstarter, Not Kickstarter, and Two More %$^&ing Hackathons