Start-Up News: Tumblr Down as Foursquare Steps It Up, Plus Tonight’s NYTM Should Be Interesting

AdKeeper's 'Keep' button makes sense for coupons and meme-y ads.

This week in New York start-ups:

ADSTRUC WANTS YOU. The company that made it onto Betabeat’s list of 10 Disruptive New York Start-Ups for giving outdoor billboard advertising the Adsense treatment is looking for a front-end dev.

TUMBLR DOWN. That is all.

FOURSQUARE STOPPING UP THE CRACKS. Foursquare went all https:// today, a process that started more than seven months ago. The more secure protocol will safeguard users against simple hacks like Firesheep, a Firefox plugin released in the fall that made it easy even for non-hackers to steal passwords submitted over an unencrypted connection. To be fair to Tumblr, Betabeat did notice that Foursquare’s servers were down earlier today as well.

ROCK THE SKIRBALL. Also tonight! At New York Tech Meetup! Brand new managing director Jessica Lawrence will speak and more press than usual will be there. Companies presenting include Ex.Fm (awesome!), Readability (awesome!), IMUP4 (meh), MessageParty (meh UPDATE: MessageParty will be presenting a total pivot), and some ones we’ve never heard of: Runens, RezScore, Ask Local, BrainScape, MeeGenius,

FACTS. Startup Bus company The Lemonade Stand is also presenting at tonight’s New York Tech Meetup for the NY Hacker Hack of the Month portion of the event. Jonathon Gottfried will demo. He is 20 years old.

UPSTARTS. The first official meeting of the Silicon Alley Job Fair, formed after the New York Startup Job Fair semi-publicly snubbed some 60 companies will come to order tonight, and 95 people have registered to attend. The meeting is at 160 Varick Street, 12th Floor at 5:30 p.m. Deadline to register is 4 p.m.

THE KEEPER. AdKeeper CEO Scott Kurnit says he’s secured about 20 percent of the all the available internet advertising inventory, including ads from Pepsi, which committed 100 percent of its ads starting in May, MediaPost reports. “In the first five weeks since public release on February 14th, AdKeeper’s technology has run on more than thirty thousand unique websites, an unprecedented response to a new advertising technology,” a release said. Some, like Betabeat’s Ben Popper, are extremely skeptical of the idea of building a business on a “read it later” button for advertisements, but this reporter thinks it’s like so crazy it just might work! Especially when you consider that PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET ARE CRAZY. It’ll mean advertisers will have to make more entertaining ads, but why can’t all the internet’s mememakers on /b/, Reddit and so on go work in the advertising industry? Reddit has a “Reddit This” button on their ads.

Thanks for tuning in, guys! This has been your Wednesday afternoon Betabeat New York Tech News Start-Up Rundown, brought to you by iced dirty chai. Start-Up News: Tumblr Down as Foursquare Steps It Up, Plus Tonight’s NYTM Should Be Interesting