Startup Weekend Winners

Photo: @shanereiser

We’re getting a little worn out from all these #@%$ing hackathons, and we’re not even coding. One of the most exhausting, Startup Weekend–the code-and-beyond hackathon that challenges entrepreneurs to build a minimum viable start-up in a weekend–was Friday through Sunday, following consecutive weekends of Lean Startup Machine and HackNY. There were 74 ideas pitched at General Assembly for the event.

The winners, as judged by S. Daniel LeonZeyfo of ekkoTV and Governing Dynamics; Christina Cacioppo of Union Square Ventures; Gil Beyda of Genacast Ventures; David Tisch of TechStars; Matt Meeker of Meetup and Polaris Venture Partners; and Ryan Graves of Uber Inc.

  • 1st place – Playmob (members receive a mystery box every month filled with 4-5 toys that represent the latest and upcoming must-have trends from the toy industry.)
  • 2nd place – (A social savings platform designed to take the headache out of group trip planning. We’ll help you create your ideal trip, propose it to your friends, and set up a shared savings fund to make sure everyone puts their money where their mouth is.
  • 3rd place –
  • Honorable mentions

Solvate awarded the first place team a $1,000 prize. The next New York Startup Weekend will take place in June. Startup Weekend Winners