State Chamber of Commerce backs Christie’s proposed educational reforms

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Monday came out in favor of Gov. Chris Christie’s education reform package, saying it is what New Jersey needs to maintain its highly skilled work force in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

“This is not a radical proposal, it is good policy,” said Thomas A. Bracken, president and CEO of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, in a release. “The governor’s package will allow schools to reward strong performance and identify poor performance so remedial action can be taken where required.”

Among other things, the package of bills proposed last week by the governor would eliminate the last-in-first-out layoff policies that sometimes keep poorer performing teachers employed over better performing teachers with less seniority, and speed up the process under which complaints against teachers are judged.

 “The focus of reform must be on our kids and making sure all of them receive a quality education and that they are ready to become part of the highly skilled work force that companies in New Jersey have come to expect,” Bracken said.

“The State Chamber has been advocating many of these specific reforms for almost two decades,” said Dana Egreczky, senior vice president, workforce development at the State Chamber.  State Chamber of Commerce backs Christie’s proposed educational reforms