Statement from Senator Girgenti

State Sen. John Girgenti (D-35) of Hawthorne endured the hardest impact from the Democrats’ winning redistricting map, according to party sources, acknowledged Hawthorne’ removal from Paterson into suburbia, replaced with Elmwood in the 35th.

Girgenti’s spokesman issued a statement. 

“People support John Girgenti because he’s a capable, effective and experienced senator, not because he lives in a particular town,” said spokesman Philip Swibinski. “Senator Girgenti is actively considering moving back to Paterson, the great city where he was born and has many friends, family and supporters.

“John and his wife Rose will be reviewing all of their options over the next several days and will announce a decision at the appropriate time.”

Hawthorne moves into the 38th District, currently occcupied by state Sen. Bob Gordon of Fair Lawn.

Girgenti’s fellow Hawthorne resident, labor lawyer Jeff Gardner, informally launched a senate campaign against Girgenti, in part because of the senator’s 2009 no vote on marriage equality. Fearing what he characterized as a tyranny of the majority, Gordon voted in favor of marriage equality, making it less plausible that the progressive Gardner would have a driving motivation to challenge him.  


Statement from Senator Girgenti