Sunday Reading: Spitzer Can Roil Democrats in 2013, Cops Get Probed

Libya: Obama’s speech in March “seemed to elevate the absence of a doctrine to a doctrine.” [Bill Keller]

2013: “Eliot running as an independent would be an asset to a Republican nominee because it would create a division of loyalty in the Democratic base,” says Dick Grasso. [Michael Saul]

2013: Christine Quinn juggles business and progressive constituencies. [Daniel Massey]

2012: Trump said he was “a candidate.” [Julie Kay and Maureen Callahan]

2012: Rove says Trump is with the “nutty right” and “now an inconsequential candidate…He’s so far out there.” [Fox]

2012: “I am certain that the president was born in Hawaii,” says Trump adviser, Michael Cohen. [Michael Falcone]

2012: On Obama’s two books, Trump says “The difference was like chicken salad and chicken s—.” Brags, “I have a very high aptitude. I was a great student. I went to the best schools.” [Anthony Man]

Jewish Vote: Should women be allowed to vote for leadership of Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, which gets millions in public funding. [Elissa Gootman]

Muslim Violence: Staten Island borough president has strong words. “They are absolute cavemen.” [Tom Wrobleski]

Facts: “If Bloomberg News was as ‘accurate’ as the Bloomberg administration, the company would have gone bankrupt long ago.” [New York Post]

Charlie Rangel: Publisher of New York Carib News admits falsifying documents for a trip that helped lead to Rangel’s downfall. [Isabel Vincent and Carl Campanile]

Media: Brooke Gladstone in Cairo; state-run news after Mubarak. [On the Media]

Media: “I have never voluntarily posted anything at Huff. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been published there.” [Gatemouth]

Cuomo’s Lieutenant Gov: Duffy keeps popping up in Rochester. [Democrat and Chronicle]

Cuomo’s Looks: Not on People’s Most Beautiful list. But Sandra Lee is. [Page Six]

NY Attorney General: Schneiderman goes after fake nun. [Brad Hamilton and Georgett Roberts]

US Attorney General: Eric Holder and brother owed $4,146 in NY property taxes. Paid up, with interest. [Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein]

Anniversary: Central Park Jogger incident 22 years ago Tuesday; 5 wrongfully convicted men still awaiting civil case against city. [Daily News]

Alan Hevesi: Inmate number 11-r-1334. [Ken Lovett]

Alan Hevesi: “[M]ost likely isolated from the general public.” [Joe Walker and Susannah Cahalan]

Alan Hevesi: Ethics reform should / could be his legacy. [Jay Jochnowitz]

Lobbying: Local governments spend millions lobbying throughout the state. [Jacob Fischler and Tim Henderson]

Leaks: Who handed an internal Inspector General’s report to Jacob Gershman? [Jacob Gershman]

Unions: How Bloomberg’s psychology clashes with them. [Adam Lisberg]

Court Layoffs: Up to 500 statewide warned. [Rick Karlin]

Cop Probe: 400 could be busted in ticket-fixing scam. NYPD denies it’s 400; won’t say rival figure.[Reuven Blau and Brad Hamilton]

Cop Probe: Early scoop on this by Murray Weiss. []

Cop Quots: White Plains police “issued 212,676 tickets in calendar year 2010 – which works out to a rate of a ticket every 2.5 minutes.” [Richard Liebson]

Rent: Assembly Democrats seek “radical expansion” of rent protections, to the rich. [Daily News]

Rent: “Nearly a quarter of rent-regulated households earn more than $70,000 a year, showing how random a process it is.” [Nicole Gelinas]

Real Estate: Developers want tax assessments capped; say 10,000 subsidized units could be lost. [David Seifman]

NYC Schools: Chancellor Walcott sells Bloomberg’s agenda with a smile. [Sharon Otterman]

Changing Superintendents: Is Buffalo’s Jean-Cleaude Brizard staying or going? [Democrat and Chronicle]

Trivia: Youngest NYC Mayor was, most likely, Hugh Grant; 30 years old; served 1889-1892.[Michael Pollak] Sunday Reading: Spitzer Can Roil Democrats in 2013, Cops Get Probed