Tasini Announces HuffPo Class Action Lawsuit

Jonathan Tasini, a one-time challenger to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and another time challenger to Rep. Charlie Rangel, announced this morning that he is the lead plantiff in a suit against Arianna Huffington, alleging that the owner of the Huffington Post has wrongly denied compensation to her stable of writers.

“Arianna Huffington is pursuing the Wal-Martization of creative content and a Third World class of creative people,” Tasini said. “Actually, that is unfair to Wal-Mart because at least Wal-Mart pays its workers something for the value those workers create. In Arianna Huffington’s business model, economic gain is only reserved for her.  Everyone else, apparently, is expected to work for free regardless of the value they create. Greed and selfishness is the order of the day.” 

The Huffington Post was recently sold to AOL for $315 million, which, Tasini said, led him to pursue the matter in court.

“Her attitude that not a single person gets any compensation except for her just sent me through the roof,” Tasini said.

Tasini said that he was one of the original contributors to the HuffPo. Back when he was running for the Senate against Hillary Clinton, he says that Huffington approached him about contributing.

“She was, how do I say this, not a fan of the junior Senator,” he said.

The full complaint can be read here.





Tasini Announces HuffPo Class Action Lawsuit