The Fix Goes Longform on Four Loko’s Founding Fathers

Months after the beloved caffeine-blasted booze got banned from New York’s bodegas, Phusion Projects is hoping Four Loko can still sell without the kick. 

Maer Roshan’s new addiction news site, The Fix, has published a sprawling 5,000-word profile of the parent company that gifted the world with Four Loko. So who are these princes of the night? Jaisen Freeman is “a hulking athlete with a Vin Diesel crew cut.” Jeff Wright is “a barrel-chested redhead with piercing blue eyes.” Chris Hunter is “a smooth-talking charmer with a Tom Cruise grin.”

You can relive the entire wired-but-also nicely buzzed saga: the sudden and stunning rise to fame, the fierce backlash, the quiet denouement.

Despite the alteration of the original recipe, Phusion Projects is charging ahead, banking on dedication to the brand despite the authority-inposed removal of the caffeine in the drink. They also claim to have a number of hush-hush concoctions to roll out in the future.

Bottoms up!

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