The Home Observer: Litchfield Style Review

Litchfield Style (Rizzoli New York, $45).

By Annie Kellie with photography by Tim Street-Porter

In her newest book, veteran design author Annie Kelly takes readers to the verdant countryside of Litchfield, Connecticut, for an inside look at some of the historic town’s most carefully kept and restored homes. The book is a joint venture between Kelly and her husband, photographer Tim Street-Porter (both editors of and contributors to The Home Observer) who photographed the elegant interiors and gardens that distinguish these classic country homes. Kelly and Street-Porter own a house in Litchfield themselves, and after leafing through their book, replete with images of pristine, gabled houses, sun-drenched rooms, and lush foliage, it is easy to see how they fell in love with the aesthetic of the town.

Kelly spotlights eleven eighteenth- and nineteenth-century homes owned by well-known decorators and design aficionados, including Bunny Williams, Robert Couturier and artist Norman Sunshine. While her words provide context for the homes featured, she also allows Street-Porter’s exquisite photographs to speak for themselves. Each home is carefully documented to illustrate the architecture and layout of the rooms while also drawing our eye to the understated details     a porcelain rose page- holder, a silver-tipped cane resting in an umbrella stand    that capture the character of a home.

Litchfield Style is, like the homes that it celebrates, a perfect blend of sophistication and charm that will provide inspiration for any homemaker looking for ideas to imbue their home with a little country-classic style.


  The Home Observer: Litchfield Style Review