The NFL Almost Took Over St. Vincent's Hospital

Well, the Rudins have their latest prizea bankruptcy court judge yesterday approved the august real estate family’s purchase of the shuttered St. Vincent’s hospital campus for $260 million.

The plan is somewhat controversial for not including full emergency care or inpatient services, though the judge in the case would not allow a community group backed by a mysterious hospital and developer more time to submit its own plan. According to WNYC, the group, led by former Councilman Alan Gerson, is considering filing an appeal, even as the judge backed St. Vincent’s argument that the plan put forth by North-Shore LIJ and the Rudins was the most expeditious option.

What is oddest about the challenge is the one partner the group was willing to identify, which Crain’s reveals would have brought the gridiron to Greenwich Village:

But the group cited only one possible collaborator: the National Football League Alumni Association, which the trio said indicated “that they may like to be involved in establishing a hospital to treat their members [as well as the general public]. They would bring the NFL logo to any such development.”

There is still a touchdown to be scored by another developer, though, as The Journal reports that St. Vincent’s is also selling off a prized 37-acre swath of prime Westchester real estate.

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