This Is a Rap About Javascript

Marak Squires

“I started a project to learn javascript and node.js through rap,” Nodejitsu co-founder and New York expat Marak Squires told Betabeat over Gchat. Mr. Squires has a well-established tradition of rapping about Javascript. Nodejitsu is a hosting platform for apps that use node.js, which allows for server-side use of Javascript, normally a browser-side language.

“Cause it’s the java-to-the-script / doing this since ’96 / Peace to Brendan Eich for making it exist,” the rap starts. “Node.js allows for real-time sockets / over http, its and you cannot stop it / Guerimo from Learnboost blowing up like a rocket / just go to the Github for the source (if you wanna cop it!)” The rap goes on to explain some basics of Node.js, punctuated by call-outs to pivotal Javascript figures and Mr. Squires’s friends.

Marak – The Node.js Rap by marak This Is a Rap About Javascript