Too Soon: Gilt Groupe Hawks Flip Cams

Nobody told the copywriters at Gilt Groupe  that Cisco decided to shutter Flip cam this week.

“You’d be forgiven for flipping out when you realize how great the Flip MinoHD and SlideHD really are. But try to contain yourself. Instead, just try keeping one of these sleek camcorders—complete with on-the-go viewing screens and 720p resolution—in your pocket at all times, so you’re always ready to record the moment in stunning HD video,” reads the breathless sales pitch.

The fresh perfume of corporate death is the height of luxury these days. No need to highlight these are now collectors items, folks aren’t worried about replacement parts.

The units sold out in two hours.

Bonus points, The New York Times advises readers their Flip cams will not self-destruct, even though the company shut down.

Too Soon: Gilt Groupe Hawks Flip Cams