Toto short on signatures

Mercer County Democrats have likely succeeded in pushing 15th District Assembly candidate Dan Toto off the ballot.

Judge Lisa James Beavers has issued a recommendation to the Secretary of State that Toto does not qualify for the ballot due to irregularities in his petition signatures.

“I FIND that a total of twenty-three names on Toto’s petition are ineligible voters and must be stricken from the petition.  The petition having only 115 names initially means that Toto has only ninety-two signatures, which is less than the 100 required,” James-Beavers wrote in her ruling.

In a statement, Toto said he is not going away.

“I am disappointed, but not surprised and certainly not deprived. Reed Gusciora, Liz Muoio and the rest of the Democratic machine have temporarily taken a viable  alternative away from the voters of the 15th district. I may not be on the ballot, but I am not going away. I am still confident our petition will be cured so I can begin fighting for Democrats who want real change.’’

Toto short on signatures