Transportation report shows importance of five-year capital plan, Christie says

Gov. Chris Christie Thursday announced the findings of a New Jersey Department of Transportation report on the condition of the state’s roadways that he said underscores the importance of the $8 billion, 5-year Transportation Capital Plan’

 “New Jersey’s roads take a beating from heavy traffic and our transportation-based industries.  We need a sustained, multi-year effort to improve the condition of our state’s roads,” Christie said in a release. 

The plan draws on a menu of improvement options, including preventive maintenance, resurfacing and roadway reconstruction, all of which take advantage of the Department’s expedited project delivery system, Christie said in a release.

“The Governor’s Transportation Capital Plan uses hard data to drive investment decisions, and helps New Jersey turn a corner toward smoother, safer roads,” Commissioner James Simpson said.

Under the proposed FY 12 capital program, which is the first year of the five-year Transportation Capital Plan, investments in roadway preservation projects would reach $284 million, or $93 million more than the current year.  Over the five-year plan, roadway preservation investments are slated to reach $1.35 billion.

According to the NJDOT Roadway Pavement System report (pdf 2.9m) for FY 10, half of the state-maintained roads are in a deficient condition.  The percentage of deficient roads has hovered near the 50 percent mark since 2004.

However, 80 percent would be rated fair or good and would meet the Department’s 10-year Asset Management goal if the investment levels called for in the proposed Transportation Capital Plan are sustained for the next 10 years. Transportation report shows importance of five-year capital plan, Christie says