Trump (Almost) Becomes a Candidate

Andrea Peyser rides in Trump’s limo in New Hampshire, and captures the three-time presidential almost-candidate talking like a candidate.

“Mr. Trump! We have a 21st birthday here!” someone shouted.

“Oh, a voter!” he said, evidently unaware that the voting age is 18. “Vote for Trump!”

Uttering the phrase “Vote for Trump” comes up to — and almost crosses  – the line of what federal officials say could make him an officially declared candidate, something the reality television star who has shied away from disclosing detailed info about himself and his company has long avoided. 

The guidelines, from the Federal Election Commission:

Examples of activities that indicate that an individual has decided to become a candidate include, but are not limited to:

(3) The individual makes or authorizes written or oral statements that refer to him or her as a candidate for a particular office.

Trump adviser, Michael Cohen, also hugged the line of official candidatehood, with his recent trip to Iowa, which Texas Rep. Ron Paul said violated FEC rules. Trump (Almost) Becomes a Candidate