Viral Q&A – Random Facebook Question Gets 4 Million Answers

We’ve written before about the surge in activity and funding around the Q&A space. Facebook recently redesigned it’s Question feature to be more “viral” and the product folks behind this effort have really outdone themselves.

Heather Marie Hollingsworth, a 23-year old mother of two, was doing some digital spring cleaning. She posted a question asking folks if they would like to remain on her friends list, with the intention of deleting people that didn’t reply. User could reply Yes, Don’t Care or No.


It’s a simple appeal to vanity and insecurity. But as Liz Gannes notes, things took a strange turn,

“Each time someone voted in Hollingsworth’s poll, a blurb about their vote got posted to their friends’ news feeds. These people seemingly assumed that one of their own Facebook friends was the one cleaning out the friends list, and (in most cases) pleaded for mercy. You can see in the screenshot below respondents addressing their comments to the different names of friends through which they found it.”

So there you have it. Spreading curiosity and knowledge like a virus, with millions of people answering a question never intended for them.






Viral Q&A – Random Facebook Question Gets 4 Million Answers