Webber: ‘we’re disappointed’

NEW BRUNSWICK – Asssemblyman Jay Webber said he was sorry about Prof. Alan Rosenthal’s choice of a Democratic map.

“We are disappointed with Dr. Rosenthal’s decision,” said the GOP redistricting commission chair, standing outside the Republicans’ room with fellow Commissioner Bill Palatucci.

“We believe we have the better map,” Webber said, “but we also believe we have a better map  (the final map selected by Rosenthal) than the one we have today.” We believe we brought the Democrats to the middle, and that will ultimately give us opportunities.”

The Republicans wanted to create two Hispanic districts and two African American districts.

“The Democratic map dismantles 33,” Palatucci said, in effect leaving just one Latino district, he said.

“:We don’t predict the future all we know is this is a majority Latino district now,” Webber said.

“Latino and African American voters have waited long enough to win races where they have a chance right now,” Palatucci added.

Webber said the Republicans responded to every one of Rosenthal’s requests.

Seven maps submitted through seven rounds, he said. Webber: ‘we’re disappointed’