Whiffing on Wilson, AdWeek Profile Comes Up Empty

Dylan Byers has been the go-to scribe at AdWeek for profile pieces intent on knocking their subject down a peg or two. We’ve enjoyed watching him take aim at a few Observerites in recent months.

This week his chosen subject was New York VC Fred Wilson, but Byers couldn’t muster much of an attack. He previously positioned Wilson as a rainmaker, whose investment and endorsement had the power to elevate a company above the competition.

To kick things off, Byers takes a few angry quotes from an email exchange where Wilson declines to be profiled. It’s a well worn journalistic strategy, but as Betabeat knows, the threats need to be pretty direct to create a real stir.

Then he points out that despite Wilson’s local pride, Union Square Ventures biggest hits have been west coast companies. Playing up the coastal rivalry, Byers writes that at one moment during the Web 2.0 conference, while discussing Facebook, “Wilson choked up and looked like he was about to cry.”

Huh? Because he’s jealous of Cali, even though he got into some of the best deals there? Because he’s sad about New York playing second fiddle, even as he lords over its renaissance?

There isn’t anything in here sharp enough to draw blood, much less tears.

  Whiffing on Wilson, AdWeek Profile Comes Up Empty