Wisniewski: our map better met Rosenthal’s standards

NEW BRUNSWICK – Democratic Redistricting Chairman John Wisniewski said the Democrats’ final redistricting map maintains continuity of districts, does not divide towns, enables an increase in minority representation and maintains compactness.

“We have minimized incumbency disruption,” added Wisniewski, to meet Rosenthal’s partisan fairness standard.

Promising a copy of the Democrats’ seventh and final map to be delivered tomorrow to the media, the chair of the Democrats’ redistricting commission said the Democrats’ map is simultaneously a competitive map.

“This is a map that complies with all of the principles enunciated in the Voting Rights Act,” he added. 

It deviates just 5.2 percent from the population max allowable in each district, compared to 5.5 percent in the Republicans’ map, he said. Wisniewski: our map better met Rosenthal’s standards