Yipit Now Does Deals For Work and For Play

Betabeat posted this morning on what companies like Apple and Google might be doing with the location data they collect.

This afternoon Yipit announced it was giving users the option to receive “hyper-local” deals aimed at both their home and work addresses.

Yipit can do this kind of targeted offering because it aggregates from 485 different deal services, meaning it routinely has more than 100 offers per day in New York.

A source Betabeat spoke with today speculated that the explosive growth in the daily deal space was part of the motivation for Foursquare’s new funding round.

At roughly 60 employees, Facebook is way out out-gunned when it comes to sales staff sourcing local deals. Luckily they have eight million users as an incentive for merchants.

Yipit, on the other hand, is in a great position. As the number of deals increases their ability to funnel and curate them becomes more valuable. Yipit Now Does Deals For Work and For Play