“Yo Zuck” Tumblr Gets Facebook’s Attention

Youssef Sarhan

How do you get Mark Zuckerberg’s attention? Irish web designer Youssef Sarhan did it by creating a new Tumblr called Yo Zuck! Implement This at yozuck.tumblr.com, a collection of his ideas for features and improvements for Facebook: video chat, group chat, a fix for broken video links, a site-wide online status indicator–all tricked out with animated .GIFs to show how such features would look.

Betabeat loved the Tumblr and so we tried to speak with Mr. Sarhan–but Facebook has already gotten to him.

“Quite simply, Facebook have been in touch and I feel as a gesture of loyalty I would prefer to keep correspondence exclusive, at least for the moment,” he said in an email.

Not bad for a days-old Tumblr.

Everyone who is a Facebook user (and that’s everyone, come on) has thoughts on how Facebook should change. But Mr. Sarhan has been thinking about design and next-level Facebooking for a while. “It is estimated that there are currently two billion active internet users; of which over 600 million use the exact same design everyday,” he wrote, referring to Facebook’s mammoth userbase.

There are only nine suggestions total, and Mr. Sarhan also gets a little fuzzy on the details. “The internet could be so much more fun and so much more engaging if Facebook themselves developed and released a browser,” he said in one video post titled “The Facebook Browser,” his most ambitious suggestion. “So it would be a browser built from the ground up or whatever way they do it that has got deep access to everybody’s social graph. I can only imagine how that would both improve the browsing experience of the internet and Facebook as well as vastly improving the potential for monetizing that information.”

We’re curious to hear what Zuck had to say, but Mr. Sarhan is discreet. “I’d prefer to hold out on any interviews for the moment. I hope that you understand and I’ll be in touch soon,” he said.

And now the irresponsible speculation–yo Zuck, you gonna give this kid a job?

  “Yo Zuck” Tumblr Gets Facebook’s Attention