914-Word Blog Post is Top ‘Question’ on Quora Right Now

Hard to say whether it’s Quora’s confusing interface or the face that the way people use the site is still evolving, but the most buzzed-about post on the question-and-answer site today is a 914-word article that in no way resembles a question–and is filed as the only query in the “not a question” category–which addresses the future of innovation in mobile payments, titled “In Fifty Days, Payments Innovation Will Stop in Silicon Valley.”  

The post is authored by Aaron Greenspan, founder of mobile payments start-up FaceCash, who writes it like a news article. “Most people don’t reguarly check the California Senate Committee on Banking, Finance and Insurance for the latest news about potential legislation, and so it’s no surprise that most people have never heard of California Assembly Bill 2789,” he says in the lead.

The item, about a state law that imposes a fee on money transmitters, hit the no. 1 spot on Hacker News earlier today and attracted more than 100 people to the conversation.

“I thought I put this in ‘Posts,'” he confessed in the comments. 914-Word Blog Post is Top ‘Question’ on Quora Right Now