A List of Adjectives and French Puns Used by NYC Tabloids Regarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Updated!)

The arrest of French IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn — in light of accusations that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid — presents an unparalleled opportunity for the newspapers of New York City to assault their readers with a level of French-tinted purple prose that hasn’t been seen since “Freedom Fries” were cooked up. New York City’s newspapers – but of course, especially the Post – have absolutely siezed upon the opportunity to characterize him through colorful adjectives and verbs as decidedly French. Also, rich, horny, and fat. As such, here is the undistilled “DSK” story as told by a certain paper within our local fourth estate. This list will be updated as the Post and others continue to cover it:

New York Post – Day 5

  • Picture Headline: “FROG LEGS IT!”
  • Picture caption: “PERV? MOI?”
  • “French big”
  • Au revoir, Rikers!
  • “Fallen financial big-shot”
  • “Cavalier”
  • Andrea Peyser headline: “HORNY TOAD REMAINS EAGER TO SLEAZE”

NY Daily News – Day 5

  • “French Big”
  • “Banking Big”
  • Story Header: “LE PERV (Accompanied by French Flag),” changed from “NO MERCY FOR LE PERV”
  • Headline: “$1M BAIL WITH FRENCH TWIST”
  • “…can big au revoir…”
  • “…will cost him beaucoup bucks…”
  • “Skirt-chasing”
  • “Powerbroker”

New York Post – Day 4

  • Picture Headline: “Le shot de mug”
  • Picture caption: “QUELLE HORREUR!”
  • “International moneyman”
  • “Accused Perv”
  • “Jet-setting French moneyman”
  • “Testosterone-charged”

NY Daily News – Day 4

  • Cover Headline: “LES PRISON BLUES”
  • “Not at his dapper best”
  • “Accused sex predator”
  • “French powerbroker”
  • “Hoping to trade teh high-security pied-a-terre…”
  • “Womanizer”
  • “NO MERCI FOR LE PERV” Header with French flag still being used.
  • “Boor de France”

New York Post – Day 2

  •  Headline: “I SEDUCED – AND SHE SAID OUI, OUI” 
  • “Debonair Dad”
  • “Millionare Moneyman”
  • “Haughty-looking Frenchman”
  • “Sleazeball personal image”
  • Au revoir to his political career”
  • “The powerful Pepé Le Pew-like politico” 
  • “Randy”
  •  Regarding the IMF: “Perverse Policies”

NY Daily News – Day 2

  • Cover Headline: “NO MERCI!”
  • Story Header, accompanied by the French Flag: “NO MERCI FOR LE PERV”
  • “French moneyman”
  • “Prosecutors portrayed Strauss-Kahn…as a fiendish sex predator”
  • “Womanizer”
  • “‘L’Affaire Strauss-Kahn'”
  • “Mealy-mouthed”

New York Post – Day 1

  • Front page headline: “FRENCH WHINE!” 
  • Story headline: “WHAT GAUL!”
  • First word of story: “Pompous”
  • Also: “Pompous arrogance.”
  • “NYPD Sacre Bleu!”
  • Un Animal
  • “Sniffs” 
  • “Scowls”
  • “Scowling”
  • “Red-faced”
  • “Whining”
  • “Whiny”
  • “Fat cat” 
  • “Haughty”
  • “Hissy Fit”
  • “A presse-ing affair”
  • “Creepy”
  • “Perv politician”
  • “In a snit”

NY Daily News – Day 1

  • Headline: “Le Perv”
  • “Sex-crazed”
  • “Noted-lothario”
  • “A Socialist party heavyweight.”
  • “Naked pervert”
  • “Randy”

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