A Same-Sex Marriage Opponent Explains His Vote

Freshman Republican Mark Grisanti, in an interview with me yesterday:

I do have family members that are homosexual and have same-sex partners. And we talk about it. But coming out in the forefront as it has in the four months I have been here,  I understand the issue, but it is something I struggle with inside as to where I’m at with it. I mean, I’m all for the rights, I just have a problem with the word marriage…As of right now, if I had to vote on it, it would be no.

Grisanti also spoke to Liz Benjamin, who called the loss of Grisanti “a potential blow” to the cause. Grisanti is a freshman who was elected to an overwhelmingly Democratic district in Buffalo, but on the Republican line after losing the Democratic primary. He won his seat, in part because hometown favorite Carl Paladino was running on the Republican line for governor, and incumbent Democratic State Senator Antoine Thompson was not without his problems. A Same-Sex Marriage Opponent Explains His Vote