Always with the ‘Commentary’—Podhoretz’ Mag Moving Offices

Unlike the liberal elite of the mainstream media who are moving their publications en masse to Lower Manhattan—think Conde Nast and the Daily News, for examples—New York Post columnist and Commentary Magazine editor John Podhoretz is standing athwart the trend and yelling stop (yes, we know, wrong conservative magazine, but same sentiment) by moving his pub to the Garment District.

Indeed, the magazine signed a deal for the entire 4,000-square-foot 16th floor of 561 Seventh Avenue, a building owned by the Handler Real Estate Organization that commands $41 a square foot in rent on average. Commentary previously held an office at 165 East 56th Street.

While his praise may be a bit over the top, Scott Galin, a principal with Handler Real Estate indicated in a statement that the conservative rag would be a perfect tenant at the building. “Commentary Magazine is an indelible brand and its editor, John Podhoretz, it a titan of the publishing industry,” said Mr. Galin, who along with Peter Simel represented the landlord in the transaction. “Commentary Magazine is a terrific tenant that adds to the cache of our building.” Always with the ‘Commentary’—Podhoretz’ Mag Moving Offices