Amidst Twitter Turmoil, Weiner Takes Time To Tweak GOP [Video]

The st0ry of Anthony Weiner’s hacked Twitter account sending a crotch-shot to a female admirer continues to have legs, with the news this morning that the congressman has hired a lawyer to investigate what he dismisses as “a prank.”

But the hub-bub hasn’t slowed the notoriously outspoken lawmaker, who earlier today blasted the House Republicans for bringing a “clean” bill to the floor to raise the nation’s debt ceiling under a rule that would require 2/3rds of Congress for passage.

“Republicans are playing with fire by voting against an extension of the debt limit today. I hope that the markets understand a political stunt when they see one,” Weiner said. “Because, to much of the world, putting the full faith and credit of our nation at risk understandably seems like playing Russian roulette.”

The bill will allow Republicans to go on record against a bill that doesn’t contain deep spending cuts.

Capitol Hill cameras caught up with Weiner and asked him about the alleged hack/prank. As this video shows, he seems to be tiring of the questions.

Take a look:

Amidst Twitter Turmoil, Weiner Takes Time To Tweak GOP [Video]