Bill Clinton’s Robocall for Hochul

Here’s Bill Clinton’s robocall for Kathy Hochul, the Democratic candidate leading in the NY26 special election tomorrow, where one-time favorite, Republican Jane Corwin, is now trailing.

The first thing Clinton says about Hochul is that she’ll “protect Medicaid,” which has become the defining issue in the race. Corwin hasn’t recovered her momentum since saying she would have voted for Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget ,which, according to critics, would have gutted the entitlement program for seniors.

The race has become a bellwether for Ryan’s plan, and how it might be perceived in next year’s elections, so both sides have been bringing in the big guns to try and eke out a win tomorrow. The Corwin campaign announced a robocall from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this morning, which followed an earlier one by another Republican rising star, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Here’s the audio of Clinton’s call: Bill Clinton Calls for Kathy Hochul Bill Clinton’s Robocall for Hochul