Bloomberg: Same-Sex Marriage is Not a Religious Issue, Vote Now

Michael Bloomberg argues that same-sex marriage should be legalized now, and that it lines up with conservative principles, particularly with the desire to promote smaller governments and stable families.

From the text of his speech at Cooper Union:

“Now, I understand the desire by some to seek guidance from their religious teachings. But this is not a religious issue.  It is a civil issue. And that is why, under the bill proposed in Albany, no church or synagogue or mosque would be required to perform or sanction a same-sex wedding – as is the case in every state that has legalized marriage equality.


“It is my hope that members of the State Senate majority will recognize that supporting marriage equality is not only consistent with our civic principles – it is consistent with conservative principles. Conservatives believe that government should not intrude into people’s personal lives – and it’s just none of government’s business who you love.


“Marriage has always been a force for stability in families and communities – because it fosters responsibility. That’s why conservatives promote marriage – and that’s why marriage equality would be healthy for society, healthy for couples and healthy for children.”

And, this:

“We deserve a vote not next year, or after the 2012 elections, but in this legislative session.”

Full speech, as prepared for delivery, here. Bloomberg: Same-Sex Marriage is Not a Religious Issue, Vote Now