Charter school waiting list bill passed in committee

A bill, A3356, that aims to improve oversight and accountability of charter schools by doing such things as requiring a charter school to maintain a waiting list for admission, was approved in the Assembly Education Committee Monday.

The bill also would require a charter school to annually submit the waiting list to the Commissioner, as well as require that the Commissioner’s annual assessment of a charter school be posted on the Department’s web site no later than Oct. 15.

The prime sponsor is Albert Coutinho, (D-29), Newark, who said such a bill improves oversight over charter schools and puts accountability measures in place to ensure those schools are performing at a high rate.

He said this bill eliminates transparency issues so that all involved have access to data on demographics of the districts and assessments of the schools.

“Charter schools can and should be part of the future of the education system in New Jersey,’’ he said, but the accountability must be improved.

Under his bill, the name of all students in a district shall be entered into the charter school lottery Charter school waiting list bill passed in committee