Chris Christie Records Last-Minute Call for Corwin

With about 24 hours until voters go to the polls in New York’s 26th Congressional District, Republicans are rolling out a big last-minute endorsement.

This morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie–who has fast become a G.O.P. star–endorsed the Republican candidate, Jane Corwin, calling her “a fighter who knows how to get things done.”

Christie also recorded a robo-call on Corwin’s behalf, which the New York G.O.P. said will go out to 80,000 homes in the district.

The last-minute push comes on the heels of a Siena poll this weekend, which found Corwin trailing her Democratic opponent, Kathy Hochul, by four points (though the margin of error was also four points).

Republican groups have poured money into the district, and called on some of the party’s emerging stars to try and push Corwin past the finish line. Last week, they enlisted Florida’s freshman senator, Marco Rubio, to record a call on Corwin’s behalf–though Christie might be expected to carry more weight, given his higher national profile, and New Jersey’s proximity to New York.

The script for Christie’s call:

Hi, this is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Now, I’m sure you’ve received many phone calls about this election already. But please just give me a few seconds of your time as the election draws near. I’m calling to ask you for your support for Jane Corwin for Congress as you go to the polls Tuesday, May 24th. I ran for governor of New Jersey because like you, I wanted to see REAL change. Jane Corwin is a fighter who knows how to get things done. We’re in critical times for our country, and Washington needs standup leaders who will fight to control spending and change business as usual. Please go out and vote for Jane Corwin this Tuesday. I truly appreciate your time. I wouldn’t be calling if this wasn’t very important for our country’s future. Thanks, and make sure you get out to vote on Tuesday.

Chris Christie Records Last-Minute Call for Corwin