Christie nominates Perez to Rutgers Board of Governors

A strategic ally of the GOP during redistricting and thorny obstacle to Gov. Jon Corzine’s re-election efforts, New Brunswick attorney Martin Perez, founder of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, made the Rutgers University Board of Governors, courtesy of Gov. Chris Christie.

“Martin Perez will be an excellent addition to the Rutgers Board of Governors. As a longtime advocate for access to quality education, he will bring that same passion to Rutgers,” said Christie. “He will also bring valuable perspective to the university and work to make sure Rutgers continues to serves the entire state.”

The Board of Governors is composed of eleven voting members, six of whom are appointed by the governor with confirmation by the New Jersey State Senate. The remaining five are elected by and from the Board of Trustees. Mr. Perez is being appointed to a 6-year term. Mr. Perez’s nomination, made Thursday, May 12, 2011 requires the advice and consent of the New Jersey State Senate.

“I thank Governor Christie for this opportunity to serve my alma mater, Rutgers University, and for his commitment to diversity,” said Perez. “I look forward to working with President McCormick, the other members of the Board of Governors and Trustees and most importantly, the students who represent our best hope for the future of the State of New Jersey.”

A Democrat and frequent critic of the Democratic Party in New Jersey, Perez was mechanically involved in the stunning 2008 Perth Amboy upset of Mayor Wilda Diaz over Joe Vas. Perez’s wife, Patricia Bombelyn, ran for mayor of New Brunswick last year and lost to longtime incumbent Mayor James Cahill. In their debate ahead of a Democratic Primary, Cahill asked Bombelyn who she voted for in the 2009 governor’s race, and designed a campaign around depicting Bombelyn and Perez as Christie apologists.

Christie nominates Perez to Rutgers Board of Governors