Christie on LD 20: ‘Prosecutors, not politicians,’ should decide

TRENTON – The Star-Ledger wants a criminal investigation into the Elizabeth Board of Education based on a 4-month probe by reporter Ted Sherman, but Gov. Chris Christie refuses to get involved.

“I will use the same principle I used when I was U.S. Attorney,” the governor said at a press conference. “I don’t suggest when a criminal investigation is warranted.”

Christie said politcians shouldn’t stand at podiums calling for investigations, not when they don’t have all of the facts.

“Prosecutors, not politicians, should be deciding that, that’s why I won’t go there,” said Christie.

Accompanying the Ledger‘s editorial earlier this week was a photograph of Rafael Fajardo, former presdient of the Elizabeth Board of Education, a Christie supporter and a member of the governor’s Education Task Force. 

Fajardo’s supporters question the timing of the Ledger probe and editorial, which landed just over two weeks prior to what many observers see as a competitive Democratic Primary. Christie on LD 20: ‘Prosecutors, not politicians,’ should decide