Christie rips Dems for town hall ‘waste of time’ release

EVESHAM – They have teams of people working for them and they just need to put them to work, Gov. Chris Christie said of the Democratic staffers who put out a press release today calling the governor’s town hall meetings a “waste of time.”

The actual release came from Assembly Majority spokesman Tom Hester: “The governor has been very busy this session signing into law Assembly Democratic property tax reforms, at least while he’s not wasting time at town hall meetings.”

Christie warmed up the crowd. “”They put out a press release right before I got here today,” he said. “They called the town hall meetings…around the state a waste of time.”

“What they’re saying is all of you are wasting your time,” he said. “There is nothing that speaks more loudly and clearly to the difference of my governing philosophy and the philosophy of the people running the Legislature than that.”

“So insulated and so isolated,” he said of the Dems. “They become so much a preacher of government that they forget who they represent…You can judge a lot of what is going on down there by their words.”

Christie rips Dems for town hall ‘waste of time’ release