Diaz Says Take Same Sex Marriage Vote to the People

Bronx Democratic Senator and leading same-sex marriage opponent Ruben Diaz, Sr is out with a release today urging the Gov. Andrew Cuomo to give up his legislative push for marriage equality and put the issue before the voters instead.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened the New York State Legislature that if we do not pass a law to redefine marriage to include homosexual marriage, he will take it to the people,” Diaz writes.  “I challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo to do that.  He should bring it to the people!”

Diaz notes that all five states that have put the issue on the ballot have seen the voters reject same-sex marriage.

“In every single state where the people have had the opportunity to decide if they want to change the definition of marriage from a man and a woman, they have all voted against it.

The few states that have legalized homosexual marriage have done so because it has been imposed on them by the courts or by the legislature.”

While this is true, it does seem likely that a marriage bill would pass in New York. LGBT advocates remain a potent organizing force here, while religious conservatives do not.





Diaz Says Take Same Sex Marriage Vote to the People