Do GOOD, Make Returns: Collaborative Fund Ramps Up in New York

Idealistic New York entrepreneurs take notice: Collaborative Fund, the socially-minded seed stage fund started late last year by Craig Shapiro, former president at GOOD Worldwide, is ramping up its New York presence. Michael Karnjanaprakorn, co-founder of Collaborative Fund-funded Skillshare, just announced he’s officially advising and scouting for the fund in a role similar to what Chris Poole does for Lerer Ventures and Zach Klein does for Founder Collective.

“My time is split between helping portfolio companies out, like giving them advice on the product, and also being the ears and eyes in New York City,” Mr. Karnjanaprakorn told Betabeat, although he’ll still be spending the vast share of his time on his company. Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley is also an advisor to the fund.

Collaborative Fund is also seeking an “apprentice” in the city, a junior employee who can help Mr. Shapiro–currently the fund’s only full-time employee–with everything from administrative duties to due diligence.

Collaborative Fund invests in start-ups that encourage resource-sharing instead of consumption or seek to fundamentally improve quality of life, which Mr. Shapiro believes will become increasingly important in the decisions we make how and what to consume. The fund is invested in Skillshare, Kickstarter and BankSimple, among others.

Collaborative Fund is looking for creative entrepreneurs who are changing the world, Mr. Karnjanaprakorn said. “There are companies in the world that are for-profit, especially in the tech start-up space, that also have a social mission,” he said–but he’s not aware of any investment groups in the city that do the same. Alexis Ohanian–a Kiva fellow–comes close with his self-described “uncorporation” Breadpig.

Do GOOD, Make Returns: Collaborative Fund Ramps Up in New York