Drunken Diners, Angry Royalty—It’s Springtime at the Grill!

This week everyone was celebrating the arrival of spring at the Grill. Henry Kissinger and Michael Korda were seen noshing together. Michael Ovitz came in with a man wearing very fancy shoes (I always notice these things), and Georgette Mosbacher was here with a good-looking woman … muy caliente, as they say in Spain! Arne Glimcher and Marc Glimcher were here on the same day, but ate at separate tables.

Last weekend we had a private tasting for a very rare Louis XIII cognac with our best customers–just twenty people! Mary McFadden was there with Gregory Speck. We also had a cooking class. I had to get in early for that, because we make a full lunch and serve it with wine, and some people get really wasted.

On Monday we had a party for PR maven Peggy Siegal. Later in the week, Barbara Walters had a long lunch with Judith Giuliani. RFK Jr. came in, and of course Pete Peterson has been here. He always makes it in unless he’s in Washington.

At the end of the week there was some drama. The prince came in on Friday and we didn’t have his table. Oh, he was furious! He never shows up on time, but thinks he’ll always get the same table. The matire’d said he called me every name in the book! But of course he didn’t leave; instead he ate lunch in the Pool Room. On his last day before vacation! Can you believe it? What a going-away party! When I went to see he said to me, “You don’t belong here; you belong on the other side.” I had to pay him back, so when his guest arrived, I escorted him through the kitchen, through the private dining room and down the main staircase into the Pool Room. The prince doesn’t know who he’s dealing with!

At least he’ll be in Paris for a few months, where he can cool off. But he’ll be back–our prince always comes back.


  Drunken Diners, Angry Royalty—It’s Springtime at the Grill!