‘Entertainers Posing as Journalists’

Jay DeDaper, of Buzz60.com

Jay DeDapper, adjunct professor of journalism at CUNY and contributor to Buzz 60.com, says,”If you ever get into the argument with somebody that prime time cable ‘news hosts’ are actual reporters, just show them this clip from Chris Matthews.”

According to DeDapper, Matthews is not interested in interviewing any of the leading GOP 2012 candidates “because they’re boring.” It is, according to DeDapper, “a perfect example of why prime-time cable ‘news’ is anything but. A wasteland populated by entertainers posing as journalists. And they’re not even that entertaining….”

Here’s what Matthews told his audience last night:

“I don’t want an interview with any of these guys. Let me tell you something. I don’t think any one of them excites the Tea Party People.”

Matthews video after the jump.

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